I Will Wander Far

Hi. You can call me Rachel but buddy will be fine. I am technically a no-boyfriend since birth girl on her 30’s (online bf and casual dates not counted) who had recently broken free from her run-of-the-mill and oh so routine life. I am a nurse by profession and hopes to learn the trades of midwifery and ob-gynecology 5 years from now. People from my younger years can attest how cut and dried my life was. My itinerary had been home, school and church and I had no complaints, not until I realized that a fire is starting to ignite within me. When I graduated from college, I begin to see how vast the world is and I dream to traverse the countryside, the cities, the seas as well as the skies. Unfortunately, even if I became a full fledged registered nurse, I don’t have the means to explore the places I have so passionately think of every night when I go to sleep. Aside from my financial constraints, I grew up from a conservative family and going to places alone, unfamiliar, and infamous is a big NO. I painfully obliged until I was 27 and had the opportunity to work in Saudi Arabia as a staff nurse.

From there, Miss Goody Two Shoes had to change her heels to sneakers, shed her gowns and skirts to shorts and tees, and hiked the sand and gravel from doing catwalks on the pavements. The transition was hard but all worth it because it involves going to different places and meeting strangers good or bad who taught me lessons about love and life, loyalty and betrayal, and honesty and lies. In a short time, I have experienced diverse cultures, tasted exotic foods, and tried extreme sports which plummets my excitement. There’s no stopping me because this has been what I really wanted to do ever since. There will always be fear in doing something extraordinary and failing at times, but for a hungry and thirsty girl like me, I want more adventures.

I can write decent essays but I am not a professional writer and my passion for free writing is rooted deeply from my love of books, newspapers and Reader’s Digest.

I desperately want to swim. When I see people gracefully maneuver the pools or the seas with their great arms, I felt jealous. Being able to enjoy some water activities like swimming, snorkeling, or diving is something I hope to try whenever I go to the beach. Well, I can play amateur badminton or hide and seek.

When you check my personal space, it’s chaotic and disorganized. I feel comfortable when there’s a little tension, when the room is slightly topsy turvy, and there is noise. I feel suffocated when silence is too long, ergo uneasy when someone or something is too good to be true. My trust issues have sprung from betrayals of some important people in my life which was too brutal to tell, but in between my travelogs, I will courageously recount and narrate those experiences to impart the lessons I have learned.

I always bring with me Confucius’ saying, “Do unto others what you want others to do unto you. ” It’s a guide for a good life and have often if not all the time lead me to kind and sincere people. Otherwise, if someone did something bad against me, uhhhm… I might do the worse version of the evil act or I might be understanding and forgiving. Frankly, with the short lifespan we have as humans, I don’t give a damn to bitterness and vengeance. Maybe, I will dwell on it for awhile but thinking that that person doesn’t care a bit, why would I?

I am a God-fearing person and throughout my most difficult battles, I survived the tempest with my faith in God. I have wanted to give up so many times but He made me transform my heartaches into miracles and writing this blog is one of the many miracles God has manifested. It has given me a new direction, a realistic dream, and a tangible purpose in life.

I sometimes get boring especially with the wrong crowd. I tend to be noisy with the people I’m most comfortable and closest with. I get damn lazy especially when I’m engrossed with a 24-episode Korean drama or too obsessed with finishing a book series.

But I adore experiments and I am always curious. I believe, those qualities set me apart from the mundane. In addition, I have a keen eye for <a href="Loophole, so basically, getting away from more danger is inherent.

I started this blog, SHE WANDERED FAR, to defy my norms and to test my limits, to share my crazy and dramatic experiences and to encourage people to acknowledge their worth and to live a happy life by doing what they have always wanted with hard work, tenacity and diligence.

During my free time, I will be posting my previous travels locally and internationally. I haven’t done so much traveling yet and have some reservation about going public, but hey, it’s high time to live my life to the fullest and besides my 2018 itineraries will be exciting. Soon, I’m going to explore the entire Europe but my happy feet are just too restless right now.

The possibilities are endless and I’m pretty stoke about how far I can go and how many people I will meet along the way.

While waiting for that big leap in my life, I hope to hear from you guys.

Happy wandering. Happy reading. ☺

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8 Replies to “I Will Wander Far”

  1. Glad to bump into your blog Rachel 🙂
    It’s good that you have chosen to liberate yourself from your own inhibitions by travelling (as I came to know by reading the Intro page). Trusting people while travelling is like longing for a candyfloss. Well I’m too cynic to trust people. So, I deal with it by staying neutral and least judgemental to whomever I get in touch with during my trips. Aspiring for obs is pretty brave I must say. Go for it only if delivering babies give you some happiness. Cheers and keep penning!

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    1. Thank you. I’m happy to have conversed with you too, (I hope I didn’t annoy you with my inquiries.) I have learned the hard way but no complaints, I should experience that to mature as a person. 😉 Delivering babies doesn’t only make me happy, because not all babies are born alive, it can be heartbreaking as well. However, I felt a pull from delivery rooms and childbirth screams that seemed to strengthen my bearing as a human.

      The same with you Doctor, happy travels nd writing. 😇


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