When It All Begun

I remembered basking in the warmth of the sun and embracing the sea breeze, the powdery white sand, and the salty seawater one sunny day of September. It was actually the day when I asked permission from my parents to let me do things my way and the very same day when they allowed me to roam around the world without too many questions and too many worries. They helped me spread my wings so that I can fly away from home and pursue grander ambitions in life.


I was always afraid of something new and I preferred the ease of routine work. Then I met a lot of people when I went to Saudi Arabia, some were very cautious while others were very brave. It dawned on me that it’s high time to travel the unknown and experience the unplanned even with a short lifespan than to live a long life that is empty and lonely. When I deplaned last July 2017 after a 3-year contract as a nurse, I also realized that I do have to step up my game. I dared myself, defied my norms and did the unthinkable: chasing my impossible dreams.


The journey was tough. It was scary. It was heartbreaking. For someone who thought that the world is often happy and most people if not all are kind and trustworthy, experiencing the ugly avenues of life like betrayal and dishonesty can be really brutal. I was honestly down. From there, I always question the intention of people who will try to befriend me. I became too suspicious and I thought I will never trust people again. But hey, God is so good and He has better plans for me and as of writing, I am patting my shoulders for being so tenacious and resilient. I’m not giving up on my battles baby, I always fight head on.


I knew that some battles are not worth fighting for and I’m happy to admit that I walk away bruised but wiser in some of those wars; and in those combat, my hands are held by my God who never abandons me.

Traveling has given me the peace that I yearned. It showed me how beautifully vast the world is and that sulking in the corner and regretting over past mistakes is a WASTE OF TIME. Going places lets me meet diverse people, those whose stories are aligned with mine and those whose struggle and survival made me smile all day. I love to hear stories from these real people, they’re more humane than the trolls, the Venus’, and the Apollo’s behind android phones and laptops. These simple people smile abandonly, some shyly, their hands callused from hard labour and their words though incomprehensible most of the time speaks genuineness.

I knew, I will be experiencing more adventures because the new chapter of my life has just begun. I heard the mountains, the rocks and the seas calling my name. I feel the pull of the sky, the ruggedness of the wild, and the kick of the urban life that is awaiting for my footsteps. For the good and bad that I will encounter during my travels, I pray that it will help me find true love, adventure, and freedom. Most importantly, I hope that it will find the inner goddess in me. Brilliantly, I will command my tomorrow.